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- The Air to Work...

Oil-free Screw Compressors

350 - 450 HP

Generating oil-free air is mandatory in a number

of industry sectors, not least food and drinks

and chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Whilst

downstream drying and filtration of oil injected

screws is sometimes acceptable there is no real

substitute for oil-free generation.

The SO series of oil-free screw compressors offers

advantages in control, maintenance, sound

pressure levels and to coin a modern phrase,

carbon footprint.

Lubricated Piston Compressors

BOGE manufactures an extensive range of oil

lubricated piston compressors.

Oil-free Piston


The K series represents the latest oil-free piston

compressor technology developed by BOGE.

The K series utilises state-of-the-art compressor

technology. The cylinder is mounted horizontally,

and a centrally located crankshaft operates a push

rod principal, ensuring the piston remains parallel

in the cylinder. This innovation vastly reduces

cylinder ring wear experienced in all conventional


The sophisticated K series design also makes

it a very cost effective compressor. Because it

generates absolutely oil-free compressed air, the K

series will also reduce the downstream treatment

required and all the associated costs. As an oil-less

compressor, service times and standard service

parts required are also reduced considerably.

Oil free piston compressors are ideal in

meeting the absolutely oil free compressed

air needs of sensitive industries such as

the food and drink or the chemical and

pharmaceutical sectors.