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- The Air to Work...

Air Treatment

There are numerous applications for compressed air

each demanding individual levels of compressed air


Correctly specified compressed air treatment

will increase the service life of compressed air

equipment, improve the quality of the end product,

reduce the risk of operating problems and reduce

repair costs for compressed air equipment.

BOGE manufactures a complementary range

of filters, dryers and condensate management

equipment and can provide the optimum solution

for each application.

Compressor Management

Compressor system dynamics change continuously

as process use of air changes. If the compressor

system does not react to such change then

inefficiencies rapidly increase the cost of


However, with the non-intrusive airtelligence

micro processor in place, working in harmony

with the actual compressor controllers, you are

ensured that only the most energy efficient

supply of compressed air is used. airtelligence will

simultaneously control, manage and optimise up

to 16 compressors of any make or combination of

makes of compressors.

By monitoring all of the compressors within a

compressed air system, airtelligence, systematically

and predictively takes control of a system,

minimising costly off load running whilst optimising